About Us

Progressive Therapy Solutions in West Plains, Missouri is an evidenced and scientific-based occupational therapy organization. Founded in collaboration with a chiropractor and licensed therapists, Progressive Therapy Solutions provides prescribed occupational therapy, and upper extremity specialty outpatient rehabilitation.


...is to serve and enhance the quality of life of the community, by providing the highest level of care to those experiencing illness or injury by empowering people with education, guidance and tools they need to make personal health choices and decisions, and to work with health care professionals and other key partners to provide quality health care so people get the care they deserve.


  • Compassion

    – At Progressive Therapy Solutions, we value empathy and identify with those we serve.
  • Respect

    – We provide sensitive care distinguished by trust, respect and an appreciation for individual differences.
  • Commitment to Excellence

    – Progressive Therapy Solutions is committed to lifelong learning to provide our clients and patients with the highest standards of care.
  • Integrity

    – At Progressive Therapy Solutions we honor commitments and represent the highest forms and standards of ethical behavior.