Stacey was my therapist for my shoulder therapy. During my shoulder therapy she used different techniques and electrical stimulation to restore my range of motion and strength and relieve all of my shoulder pain that I have had for years. Stacey is very knowledgeable about her work as a therapist and very compassionate with her patients. She treates each patient with kindness and respect. Before considering anyone else, give Stacey a try.
– Debbie W.
Stacey, when I think of you, I think of what a blessing you are to others. To me, you are a very skilled and experienced therapist. You helped me so much with my shoulder. You have such great integrity. I highly recommend you as a therapist. Thank you and God bless you.
– Jan D.
Stacey was very kind and professional and made me feel at ease in her clinic. She gave me the tools and exercises needed to help assist in my recovery after a tough bout with the shingles which affected my dominant arm and hand. I appreciate her willingness to help me get back to the things I enjoy. I would recommend her to anyone needing occupational therapy!
– Barbara H.
Over the years starting from 2010, I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries. Two on my right, and one on the left. Rotator Cuff repair and tendon re-attachments. All of those surgeries required therapy. Stacey Childers-Teeple was my occupational therapist. Not once was I ever hurried, pushed or asked to do anything beyond my capabilities. Stacey is very knowledgeable about what she does following shoulder repair. My last therapy was for my neck. I was told another surgery was in my near future. She and I came up with a plan on how to get me back to where I needed to be. It was not easy for me in the beginning. As I progressed, she kept working with me on strengthening the muscles in my neck. Same professional experience I had with Stacey on my shoulders, I had with my neck. If you follow the advice she has (some of it is from her own personal experience of do’s and don’ts) she will help you. I have no problem with saying, if I have another shoulder or neck issue, I’ll call on Stacey Childers-Teeple, PERIOD. She is the BEST.
– Carlos C.
No words can adequately describe how great an occupational therapist Stacey Childers-Teeple is. She is absolutely awesome! After receiving therapy for 8-10 weeks from a different therapist for a potential fracture, beginning six weeks after falling on my shoulder, I subsequently developed a frozen shoulder and could not raise my arm much above my waist. Stacey told me she was taking over and I was now in boot camp! My eyes widened with worry thinking I was not going to like this. As she ran her diagnostics she discovered I also had limited mobility with my other shoulder due to a separate and previous injury. I couldn’t into an upper cabinet, wash my hair, or even fasten a necklace, hold my grand baby, or accomplish some of my tasks as a teacher. After contacting my physician about my other shoulder limitations, Stacey launched into an aggressive treatment plan for both shoulders to get me back to a functional level. If one exercise became too easy, she bumped it up to make it more difficult, and told me I could do it, that the progress is in the work and struggle. Even when I didn’t think I could, I tried harder because she believed in me. Truthfully, there were some days (the stretching) that I wasn’t sure if the pain was worth it! But she gave me remedies and suggestions to help work through any discomfort I was feeling. Everything she did was with firmness and care. Even now, I can easily do the things that were out of my reach before Stacey’s plan of treatment. I am an educator and could not lift my arm to write on the board. I can now easily do that without a second thought. I can hold and play with my grand baby, and at the time I did not have the body strength to do even that. Stacey pushed me to the limit and beyond, and I am truly forever grateful. Did I mention that she is absolutely awesome, and the best occupational therapist anyone could ask for? She most definitely is all of that with a caring personality as well.
– Sonya M.S.